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Michelle won the Best Actress award from the San Diego Film Critics for her role in Take This Waltz. She has also been nominated for best actress by Detroit Film Critics.

San Diego Film Critics
Best Actress
Helen Hunt, The Sessions
Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook
Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty
Michelle Williams, Take This Waltz
Naomi Watts, The Impossible

Detroit Film Critics
Best Actress
Jessica Chastain, “Zero Dark Thirty”
Greta Gerwig, “Damsels in Distress”
Jennifer Lawrence, “Silver Linings Playbook”
Naomi Watts, “The Impossible”
Michelle Williams, “Take This Waltz”

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I’ve added 6 new HQ stills from Take This Waltz.

x Take This Waltz: Stills

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Michelle recently appeared on CBS This Morning to promote Take This Waltz. Here is a video of the interview.

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I found “Take this Waltz” more depressing than “Blue Valentine.”
Really? Interesting!

Seth Rogen’s character, Lou, seems like a really nice guy. The relationship between Margot and Lou felt very relatable.
Yeah, it doesn’t have the kind of fireworks of “Blue Valentine.” It’s more subtle than that. I kind of thought of Margot as sleepwalking; she’s a little sleepy. She could stay with her husband and have a perfectly decent life — but with this nagging feeling of, “Did I miss something?” Where I think for Cindy and Dean in “Blue Valentine,” the distance between them was so obvious you couldn’t ignore it. But, I think this is the kind of thing you can ignore — for the sake of safety or security. You’re not hurting anyone. So, in a way, I don’t know if it’s sadder or not, but I found it more unnerving.

The dinner scene is sad. When a married couple realizes that they have nothing to talk about.
Yeah, you realize that you have nothing to say to the person. You can love somebody so much and want what’s best for them and care about them so deeply, but, somehow, it doesn’t work. It’s not enough. Then, I think, the bigger question of the movie — and what Sarah was interested in and what I was interested in — is that feeling of restlessness. Is that what it feels like to be alive? Or is that what it feels like to be in the wrong relationship? And what do you do with this restlessness? Do you look outside of yourself? Or is it something that’s your own journey? I read this quote when I was making the movie, it’s a Buddhist quote, “Emptiness is the track that a centered person walks on.” And that’s a great kind of idea to hang on to, but a hard one to practice. The other thing I thought was how romantic love kind of replaces spiritual love these days. Because a relationship to God or church or something is lost. And in its place is romance.

Source: Huffington Post

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